Plastic sheets and plastic film
Manufacture and distribution of
thermoplastic sheets and film.



- Deep-drawing
- Screen printing
- Offset printing
- Digital printing
- Varnishing
- Machine processing
- Bonding

Additional finishes:
- Anti-bacterial
- Antistatic
- Barely flammable
- UV stabilization
- Permanent antistatic
- Increased impact strength
- With identification stripes
- Protective film on one or both sides

SB Coex (coextrusion)
Three materials in up to five layers
NEW: PMMA/PS (SB) coextrusion.

SBS Clear - Styrolux
SBS Clear - Glanzcoex
Transparentes SBS/GPS
Frost / ICE / crystal
translucent with striking appearance
Reclaimed polystyrene
made of grist, mixed colors or converted,
available as mix and/or with additional finish.