Plastic sheets and plastic film
Manufacture and distribution of
thermoplastic sheets and film.

About us

Das Gebäude der Firma KVS

1996: Mr. Hans-Joachim Schreiber founds a trading company based in Nordhorn and calls it “KVS-Kunststoff-Vertrieb-Schreiber”. The company distributes PS, ABS and ASA sheets and film manufactured by external partners.

2002: The positive economic situation and the constant acquisition of new customers make it necessary to expand the business. The sole proprietorship is transformed into the limited liability company “KVS GmbH”. At the end of 2002, the subsidiary “KESS GmbH” is founded with the aim of expanding production capacities.

2003: KVS GmbH relocates its headquarters to the industrial area Schüttorf. Sheet and film production starts at KESS GmbH, initially with one extrusion line.

2006: The company expands and business continues to grow. KESS GmbH starts up a second extrusion line.

2007: Storage capacities expanded (hall, silos).

2008/2009: Recycling center constructed,

2010/2011: Silo capacities again expanded.